Bus routes

Our school buses are run solely for Derby High pupils and use a home to school transport service app, with the innovative Kura technology. The Kura app allows you to track your child(ren)’s individual school routes, arrivals and departures, and view boarding and alighting updates in one place. If a child doesn’t board, or if they alight at an unexpected stop, the parent, the school, and the Kura teams will know about it. Parents can cancel and book journeys in the app, giving them full control of their child’s travel schedule.

The App offers real-time, accurate updates including traffic status, potential hazards, and delays, directly to your phone. Offering you peace of mind, the service is time-efficient and tailored to you. The technology powers the most advanced school runs in the UK, integrating tracking and communication for drivers, parents, and school staff. Your children swipe on and off with their own tag and the technology automatically notifies you in real-time.

If you would like to make a booking for the school bus, please contact buses@derbyhigh.co.uk and ask for a Kura app invite.  Once you have received the invite you will be able to register and make your booking as required.

The bus routes currently operating to and from the school are detailed below.  If there is demand for bus routes serving communities not currently on the timetable we will consider implementing them.  Please let our Registrar know if this is the case: admissions@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk 

Please click here to see the bus timetable and for information about the school buses.  

For further information please contact the school office on 01332 514267, or email buses@derbyhigh.co.uk.


School Bus Timetable

Kura App Overview

Kura App User Guide

Kura App Welcome Letter

School Bus Terms & Conditions

School Bus Code of Conduct

For app software support please emailsupport@ridekura.com

For booking and school bus operational queries please email - buses@derbyhigh.co.uk