11 Dec 2017

Victory for DHS at the Regional Trampolining Competition

In snowy and treacherous conditions the Derby High Trampolining teams and two staff demonstrated grit and persistence to make it to Loughborough for the Regional Schools Competition.

For the U11s this was their very first competition experience and they had worked extremely hard to gain selection at this high level. Unfortunately Millie Orpwood was unable to compete so Sophia Traves (Year 5) was the first to perform her routines. Very nervous in her first go, she then glided through her second somersault sequence and was rewarded with a fantastic set of scores of 7.0. Elle Thornton (Yr 5) was next to demonstrate her well rehearsed moves and she also gained a well deserved 7.0 and a row of 6.8s, impressing the judges with her full twist and swivel hips.

The U19 team unfortunately had to wait until the afternoon, but after some excellent first round ‘set’ routines they ploughed in to the lead. Ellie Holden, the captain of the team, performed a second routine of extreme difficulty to keep the team in front and Tilly Garside did a superb straight back somersault to achieve lots of 7.5 scores. Alicia Brockwell performed with her usual excellent precision and her routine melted the judges' icy stares, whilst Sofia Richardson executed her moves brilliantly to clinch a decisive victory for Derby High. 

The team will now go on to represent the region in the Zonal stage on the 21st January in Chesterfield. Hopefully the weather will be snow free by then!!

11th December 2017