28 Nov 2017

UK Space Design Challenge

Eight students represented the school this weekend in the annual UK Space Design Challenge. The challenge, which is organised and run by Imperial College London set the girls the task to design a lunar settlement. Considerations such as one sixth gravity, colder temperatures, lunar dust as well as the practicalities of what to eat and how to pass the time all had to be taken into account. The students, who were teamed with girls from Derby College to tackle this problem, wrote a report, gave a 20 minute presentation and fielded 10 scary minutes of questions from experts from Rolls Royce and Derby University.

This was the first all-female challenge and two of our students, Umamah and Jasmine, were interviewed for Radio Derby about their views on this, women in engineering in general as well as the opportunities open to them at Derby High- and they were very eloquent too.

All in all it was a very worthwhile and fun (although very long) day!  Many thanks to our Senior Physics staff, Mrs Orr, Dr Bhattacharyya and Dr Nelmes who gave a day from their weekend to accompany the students to the challenge.

27th November 2017