13 Nov 2017

National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship

Last Thursday, we hosted an area heat of the National Inter-School Science Quiz Championship with 3 teams entered from Derby High Primary.

The teams, made up of children from Year 5 and Year 6, have been busily practising during Quiz Club after school on Mondays with Mr Horne and Miss Baker. We also welcomed 2 teams from Birkdale Prep School in Sheffield and 3 teams from Nottingham High School.

As the quiz began, the audience realised that the standard of question was extremely difficult and certainly challenged everyone in the hall! A superb effort for their first time entering the competition saw the three Derby High Primary teams finish 5th on 1275 pts, 6th with 1260 pts and 7th overall with 1235 pts. All the participants should be commended for their team work and persistence, well done!

13th November 2017