03 Nov 2017

The Snow Queen

Our Lower School Drama Production this term was The Snow Queen.  Directed by our Sixth Form Drama Prefects, here's how they found the experience of their directorial debut...

This year, we had the exciting (yet daunting!) task of directing the lower school production. After weeks of searching for plays that hadn’t been done before, we finally settled on ‘The Snow Queen’. Our hopes high, we began auditioning the girls – and we weren’t disappointed by the amount of talent they had to offer! After careful consideration, we came up with the final cast list. Though the realisation that the entire production was down to only the two of us was intimidating, we were eager to face the challenge and begin rehearsals. We came back to school after summer raring to go; everyone was super energetic at the first rehearsal and we were off to a great start!

As the night of the show came closer, our stress levels increased (and so did the amount of times we nagged the girls to speak LOUDER!). Before we knew it, the girls were transformed into incredible snowflakes (courtesy of Mrs Martin Smith and her team), the costumes were dazzling, lines had been (mostly) learnt and the lights were up and ready – show time!

We couldn’t be prouder of the girls for how hard they worked throughout the whole process – it was a pleasure getting to know them as well as direct them in what we felt was a successful production!

Ella Battersby, Olivia Renshaw & Yasmin Croxson, U6